Friday, April 6, 2012

April -- What a month!

There is nothing like April. There are so many great reasons this month happens to be one of my favorites of the whole year. Forget for a moment that this is the month when spring starts to seem like spring. We get more sunshine. Birds sing. Flowers bloom. It is all great -- but not why April is so great.

It isn't even the fact that this particular April will see the release of the second book in The Chronicles of Vlandamyuir fantasy series. Yes, Rise of the King is in the final editing phases and will be out first as an ebook within the next week. Very exciting, but not why April is so awesome. I say that only because it's not every April -- so far in my life -- that one of my books has been released. I might have to revise that in the future. We'll see what happens next April.

We're getting closer to why April is so great when I say -- Baseball! Yes, that's right. April and Opening Day for baseball go hand-in-hand. Nothing gets me more excited than realizing from now until October I'll have a baseball game to yell, cheer, scream, and cry over. Since my team -- the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants -- will be taking the field this very day, I'm on the edge of my seat. Kicking off a summer full of pitching, hitting, running, sliding, and scoring makes April awesome. I'm going to savor every day of it.

However, the reason April is the best -- well, one of the best months -- is that April also happens to hold my birthday! Ah ha, yes, that is what makes April so very special -- it's got a day dedicated just to me. How can you go wrong there? My birthday and baseball -- April is hard to top!

Do you have a favorite month?


  1. Well, what a coincidence! My birthday is in April too! It really is the best month isn't it ;) I like your book's cover, can you tell us about it? Did you help with the design?

    1. Awesome, Aderyn. Happy Birthday to you!

      I'm so glad you like the book cover. I actually designed it all myself. I'll be releasing a few more details about the book as the release date gets closer.

  2. Happy Birthday, Bridget !
    My favorite month is May,lol
    reasons? My birthday is in May, and its a leftover from last days of school, summer begins etc.
    I finished reading the second book, Rise of the King,
    loved it,, want more, hahaha, oh yes I am
    Keep up the good work, you definitely have talent.

    1. Sky,

      Thanks so much. May is great when the weather cooperates. Thanks for the birthday wishes. So glad you enjoyed book two. Guess I better get cracking on three.