Friday, December 9, 2011

And the writing goes on

Trying to get more focused on writing book two has been a challenge and yet refreshing. After the influx of new plot ideas from the zombie thinking, writing has been going well. The characters are falling into line and I'm excited to see where each chapter goes next.

I was really worried about balancing writing time with marketing time, but so far things are settling into a happy balance. I still find myself with great ideas that I want to write about in the middle of doing other things, but I'm used to sitting down at the computer with ideas scribbled onto random pieces of paper that I have to weave into a story. Thankfully, I'm used to my odd writing style and it doesn't slow me down. I only run into issues when trying to decipher my hurried writings at times.

Besides the writing, venturing into the world of social networking has been a whole new experience. I avoided it before, but since getting involved in so many terrific groups and communities, I've learned so much. The support of other authors and suggestions of readers makes the writing experience even better. I'm looking forward to meeting more writers and new readers. There is a big, old world out there to explore.

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