Thursday, December 29, 2011

Around the corner...2012

With a whole new year stretching out ahead of everyone, it seems like this is the perfect time to start setting new goals, make a to-do list and plot out the next twelve months. As a writer, I know how well things go when you start plotting -- at least for me. My characters never stay within my plots. They often show me much better ideas as the story unfolds. Therefore, I don't know that goal setting, list making or outlining would be wise as I head into 2012.

If I my life was a story, I'd just write things down as they happen and find out all the surprises along the way. I know that at the start of 2011, I had no clue that by the end of the year my book would be out there to share. So, I don't know what 2012 will bring. It's exciting and scary facing the unknown.

Of course, I'm not just throwing caution to the wind and hoping and praying or anything like that. I do have plans for 2012. Book two of my The Chronicles of Vlandamyuir series is in the works. I'm hoping to have it ready for readers sometime in the spring of 2012. Writing will be a focus, but just like as I write, I don't know all the twists and turns waiting for me.

One thing I am looking forward to -- the Twilight Zone New Year's Marathon! I'm so glad Syfy does this every year. I can't get enough of TZ. I watch it every year, catching old favorites and I swear finding out new episodes as well. You'd think that would be impossible, but it's not. There is always an episode that is not familiar to me. It makes watching even more exciting. There is nothing quite like the old classics.

My goals for 2012 will remain simple for now:
Keep writing -- never know what will happen in the lives of my characters.
Watch the Twilight Zone -- the classics are a classic for a reason.
Keep reading -- what better way to expand your horizons, but by exploring other worlds.
Be happy -- it's a whole new year and the possibilities are endless!

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