Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping focused

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in writing, you can forget what it is you are trying to accomplish. I just want to share my story, and yet at times I get so hung up on every little word, I lose my focus on the story. I have to remind myself its only a first draft, I can find better word choices later. The important thing is to get the story on the page.

It's such a joy when the story does flow. I'm so happy that my word total continues to climb, even if they aren't always just the right words yet. I'm even more nervous working on this second book than I was the first. With the first book, I never even knew if anyone else besides me would ever get to read it. Now, with the first book out there being read, hopefully being enjoyed, there's all that pressure to keep the story moving. I feel like a rookie that just had a great year and now faces the possibility of the dreaded sophomore slump.

So, to renew my confidence, I go socialize on the social media for a while. Letting the story rest and seeing how my fellow authors are getting along. Falling into a great discussion on Facebook helped to take my mind off my writing worries. Of course, any conversation that brings up chocolate is sure to be a hit, but from someone's first bad review to chocolate and then sparkly vampires it was a wild ride.

The end results, I'm ready to dive back into my own writing. Coming back with a fresh perspective and knowing that just because more people might be reading my story. It's still my characters telling it to me. I'm just writing it all down for them. Their story deserves to be finished and I'm just glad I get to share in the experience.

Writing is always fun. I learn something new nearly ever time I delve into the tale. I never know where it will take my day, but I know that the journey will be fun no matter what the obstacles that I have to overcome along the way.

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