Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Grind

So my book has been out about a week now and the marketing part is getting to be a grind. I've never been good at marketing, let alone marketing myself so this is a real challenge. I seem to run out of ideas on how to make a new fresh pitch about my book. I don't want to be someone that spams my friends and the few people that might be paying attention, but you do have to keep getting the word out there somehow, some way.

Goodreads has been a great place to find new places to market and to get encouragement from other authors going through similar situations. Some of them are really well versed in making the most out of blogs and Facebook and even the dreaded Twitter, which I have avoided so far. I'm afraid that I might have to even venture into that realm, but I am hoping to hold off on that as long as possible.

My next goal will be to find places to get some reviews. The more reviews, and the better, the more "new" things I can put out there about my book. It's definitely been a learning experience and one that I've enjoyed at times and dread at others. It's a lot like writing, but I have so much more control over my writing. That is until my characters get a mind of their own and change things up on me.

On a Giants note...OMG they finally traded Jonathan Sanchez, YEAH!!!! I was so tired of hearing how he had "no-hit" stuff. One no hitter and no matter how terrible he pitched, they tried to use that as the excuse to keep him. Not sure how Melky Cabrera is going to work out, but I'm glad to see that Sanchez is not someone I have to worry about taking a start.

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