Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Whirlwind Continues

Who knew there was so much social media out there?

Okay, everyone other than me probably. I've been so anti-social media for so long I remember when I just felt the need to boycott being on myspace. Look where things have gone now. From Facebook to Twitter to blogs and more, there are just tons of ways to connect to people you used to know and to people who are just friends waiting to happen.

Getting into the social media gambit in order to help self-promote as been both a blessing and a curse. It has allowed me to connect with people I went to high school with and lost touch with. I have been directed to a number of excellent sites where readers as well as writers gather to share experiences, books and just get to know each other.

Joining social media has also moved me into "the now" whether I was ready for it or not. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to anything about status updates, what to share and who to share it with. When do you link and when do you just say hi. All those social do's and don'ts. I just hope I don't offend anyone too much.

I'm excited to know that no matter what happens with my book, sales or no sales, I've laid a foundation for my next project, and I've added even more books to my to-be-read list. Now, I just have to remember to get out of the Twilight discussions and back to writing my own stuff.

Opps, did I say Twilight? I must have meant something more like Shakespeare. Okay, okay, so I'm a Twilight fan. It's a great series and a fun read. I hear a rumor about some kind of movie coming out soon. I know I can't wait.

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