Monday, November 28, 2011

The work never ends

I've typed the last words to my short story. It didn't have quite the same sense of satisfaction as typing the last words to my book did, but maybe because the book had a whole lot more words to type. No, I think it's because I never do well with short. I keep thinking of how much more could be added to this story, yet I know it doesn't need it. I just have a need to do it.

So, I keep my fingers away from the keyboard, where the short story is concerned, and tell myself you'll be happy that it's done. Even with a short story, there's all that messy editing to be dealt with. I don't mind the editing part, but toss in designing another cover and I cringe. I might be artistic when it comes to words, but designing "art" is a whole other challenge. My book cover seemed to come out well, so I'm sticking with the same principle, simple.

My other challenge, that of creating a reasonable looking map for my series is not going as well. I have drawn "a map" but that whole reasonable looking part seems to keep escaping me. The only good thing about it all is that each new challenge is another feather in my own cap. I'd never figure out how to do all this if I didn't do it for my book and my writing. These are things that scare me, but I'm proud to conquer. Even if the conquering isn't exactly award winning. It's still my accomplishment.

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