Saturday, November 5, 2011

To write or not to write...

So with all the marketing of the released book, I've been wondering how I'll ever find time to actually finish writing the second one. Reading up on a lot of blogs and groups, I was glad to see that this was an issue other writers were struggling with as well. It always makes you feel better when you know you're not the only one. Which is why all those groups and discussion boards and forums while intimidating are a big help. Nothing like having a support system that has been there before you and can sympathize and empathize with your situation.

Now I've decided to be sure and split my time between marketing and writing. I know its important to keep my book out there and build up a following, but if there isn't a book two to come soon, I'll lose all that hard work I've done in gaining the following. Seems like one of those endless circles where you can just never get ahead. Regardless, I don't want the whole point of what writing my book meant to me to be lost in the trying to sell, sell, sell it.

I hope that those that are buying and reading it are enjoying it, and I hope that they in turn share with there friends. I know most people want to make a fortune with their books, but I don't think I'm the marketer to do that with my writing. Instead, I just want to sell enough to be proud of sharing the ideas that clutter up my head with other people and give them the same enjoyment that writing them down gave me.

In baseball news....I'm still waiting for the calendar to turn and spring training to get here. Now with the world series done and my Giants on the mend (Keep up the good work, Buster!) I'm ready to take on the league in 2012! Let's go Giants!!

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