Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Staring at an empty page, the first thing that crossed my mind was, "What?"

What had I gotten myself into?
What did I think I was doing?
What was I going to do about it?

I knew that I had to get some words written down on the page. I knew that just random letter or words wasn't going to cut it. That meant the words had to make sense. What kind of a deal was that? I wasn't sure I ever made sense. Yet, I rested my fingers on the keyboard and let them tap away. Words appeared, sentences formed, an idea developed, and suddenly I was writing.

It amazes me at times that I always have so much to say, so many ideas swirling in my head, so many opinions to share until it's time to put them down on paper. Then my next surprise is figuring out just the perfect thing to say after I've finished. You'd think inspiration could hit a bit sooner, but no. It always waits until I've hit send, print, post, publish, or done. Writing is a passion, but sometimes I think it's a curse.

Today, has been about the finishing touches on my short story, Legend. I'll take writing a full book any day over short stories. I now appreciate those that can write something full of meaning, complete and total, in a short version. Short and I don't understand each other, except in regards to my height. After wrestling, chopping, cutting, hacking and clawing I'm satisfied that Legend is finished. The cover even came together in a snap, that's a first for me. It's all ready to go.

Except one thing....

Writing that brief description. Oh, man. Brief? The story was brief, how much more brief can I get? Well, now I'll write, delete, write, delete and write a description a few more times before I can call it all good. So, I'll ask myself again...What was I thinking? A short story. I think I'll stick to writing books. I like lots of words.

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