Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tangled Plots

Why when I'm writing on one project do I get all the good ideas for a different project? I sit down to write and things are flowing pretty well when all of a sudden, I get this great idea for a different book. How can I finish one when the other one keeps nagging at me? The really funny thing is if I start writing on that one, I get a good idea for the other.

I think the characters in my head are just trying to mess with my mind these days. I am excited that so many great ideas are flowing. I have tons of scribbled "reminders" all piled up on my desk for me to sort and work through. My only problem now is keeping the plot lines straight. I'd hate for my fantasy characters to stumble out onto the ski slope of my mystery/thriller. Although it might make for some interesting interactions.

On the sports front:

I must confess to not getting as much writing done as I should, Duke Basketball tipped off yesterday and had another game today. Without baseball to keep me focused, basketball is my next passion. These are important games as Coach K is marching towards history. Friday's game against Belmont (77-76 win) put him at 901 career wins, one behind his mentor and all-time wins leader Bobby Knight.

Saturday, the Blue Devils handled Presbyterian (96-55) and moved Coach K into a tie with Knight with 902. This will set up the big game on Tuesday against Michigan State as the possible 903rd win. I'm so very excited. I've been a Duke and Coach K fan since 1990 and I can't wait to see him add yet another milestone to his career.

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