Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More book stuff...and Giants signings!

So to get things started today, I just want to say OMG! I'm so glad the SF Giants resigned Javier Lopez, but too bad they also decided to pick up the option on Jeremy Affeldt as well. I thought overall Lopez was a much more dependable arm coming out of the bullpen. Affeldt has continued to struggle after his brilliant stopper season of 2009, he's just never been that good again. I think taking another chance on him is risky.

But yes, I know. What else is available out there to replace him? A Barry Zito relief arm coming out of the pen at his way overly inflated salary doesn't make me feel much better, so maybe $5 million for Affeldt is something I can stomach -- just barely.

I'm waiting anxiously for the big moves this off season. What will happen with Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum? Please, please, please let's not resign Carlos Beltran, and most important come on Brandon Crawford for shortstop! So much to wait and see about, but at least Buster Posey is ahead of schedule on his rehab and should be good to go for 2012! How many days 'til pitchers and catchers report? I can't wait for next season.

On the book front:

I've now got "The Path of Light: The Chronicles of Vlandamyuir Book One" available on Smashwords. You can check it out in a variety of platforms, including reading it directly off your computer here. So take a moment to head over and check it out.

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